Monday, August 23, 2010

bad shopping experience

i hate walking into a shop where the sales assistant jumps on me straight away and starts following me around like i am a shoplifter.
i hate when the sales assistant pressures me to make a purchase.
i hate when the sales assistant does not allow me to think and try too hard to sell.
i like shopping in a shop where the sales assistant let me shop freely without being harrased.
yes, you can greet your customers, you can ask them if anything that you can help.
i know that you can tell if we want to be left alone or not.
if we want, we will buy.
if we have questions, we will ask.
your role is just to monitor your customers and always be ready whenever the customers need your help and give opinions where appropriate.

i have experience in such shop, have you?

i think the fault is more on the supervisors and managements.
maybe the sales assistants were asked to act like that.
sebab kedai yang i maksudkan tu, semua sales assistant dia berperangai begitu.



zLa said...

ni mesti jakel ni...

white purple flower said...


tapi ni cite lame.baru2 ni jmpe ex-pekerja jakel kat binwani's.die yg ckp boss dorang suh pressure2 customer sume tu.pastu kalau customer keluar tak beli pape,dorang kene mrh teruk2.