Thursday, July 29, 2010

ohh i went to your program once!

hi, sorry for leaving my blog for what, a week?
i was and am too busy with school works and non-school works too.
the last entry was purely copy and paste post.
i practice copy and paste a lot actually, especially in doing assignment.
eh eh termengaku pulak.

yesterday, i attended a seminar at nilai springs resort.
actually, it was one of leadership series organized by the faculty.
the speaker was Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad, managing director and CEO of malaysia airports holdings berhad.
and the title was "managing overseas business ventures".

at first i thought that the topic is too big for me.
overseas ventures?
i'm no one in local business.
overseas business lah konon.

but since i never participated in any of leadership series before, i've decided to go for this one.
this is my last semester, i have to support my faculty activities.
at least after this i can say, ohh i went to your program once!
hihi sekali pun dah boleh buat berlagak.

overall, it was very good and not boring at all.
i've got quite a new knowledge from the talk.
i slept at 430am the night before (damn you assignments), woke up at 700am, i supposed to be very sleepy lah kan.
but i was not.
so you just imagine how interesting the talk was.
okay, tak payah imagine lah, buat apa nak imagine kan.

i'll share with my readers the content of the talk anyway after this.
in the next entry, maybe?

have a nice day!

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