Monday, March 22, 2010

seasonal blogging

actually,there are so much things happened since my last update.
punyalah bersawang blog ni since everything i wrote stuck in the draft because i just put it in point form for my reference.
makin lama makin banyak entry tertunggak sampai lame2 malas nak amik kesah dah.

there is little news to write of in this update because as usual i have lots of pending assignments to be finished.
not much has changed for my routine - classes and assignments are taking most of my time.
though my blogs are quite, am still an active blog reader ^_^
i find it more fun to read than write.
i would say that i am a seasonal blogger.
i blog whenever i feel wanted to because i know nobody will read it anyway.
paling2 pun zila je pembace setia ha ha.

quick updates about me and ppl around me:
- i finished my 2nd semester of my studies. alhamdulillah.
- my bestfriends, aini and saz, selamat berkahwin dengan cinta hati masing-masing.
- my 2-weeks semester break berlalu dengan sungguh pantas dan kejam sebab cepat sgt.
- i am taking 5 subjects for this semester. i hope i wouldn't get migraine as i started to feel overloaded in this 4th week.
- my sister got 12A's with 9A+ 2A and 1A- for her SPM, congrats atikah.
- aini sudah pregnant! congrats aini and naha. aini said the baby is cameron's baby. happy that our wedding gift for them (honeymoon at cameron highland) gives something priceless in return.
- my family (excluding me and all who have married) will be going for umrah next month.
- my laptop is kaputt. to be more specific, it's the internal hard disk yang rosak. it can be replaced at about RM200. but apad is such a sweetie. he bought a new one for me as mine is already outdated, plus the fan pun dah berbunyi and physically pun dah tak menawan.
- i am still patiently waiting for the date..

that's all that popped out my mind right now.

until the next update.


zLa said...

cett nama aku pun masuk skali..tapi aku memang setia tau..awwww....

cah, case yg sama ngan i..internal hard disk rosak..i masih taleh lupekan kejadian tu. tapi i tak lupa nk collect tepek rabu ni :D

tgh cuti ni hapdet la..paling2 pun hapdet koleksi hantaran from air tangan ko..bleh promo..paling2 pun jadi sumber inspirasi :)

an oasis of beauty & tranquility... said...

ape nye tgh cuti..cuti kan dah abes :|